The Price of Fame

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The Price of Fame

Where will Antonia's search for truth lead and who will suffer?

When film and TV graduate, Antonia Carlyle sets out to make a documentary about eighties band, 'The Tough Romantics', she uncovers new facts surrounding the death of singer song-writer, Genevieve. This leads her to suspect that the man arrested for her murder was not the killer.

One of the three surviving band members believes it is time to settle old ghosts but the other two have gone on to forge solo careers and don't want Antonia to rake up the past. One of them knows who the killer is, the other needs to hide their guilt.

A growing psychic link with the dead girl and the conviction that justice must be done, drives Antonia to face her own demons, uncover the past and confront the present.

The Price of Fame is the first foray into the world of paranormal crime for well-known Australian Fantasy author Rowena Cory Daniells, and she has nailed the genre with spectacular results. Cecilia Jansink

An intriguing tale of music, art, past and present relationships between the surviving group members, restless ghosts, sexual tensions and yes, crime and the solving of it is this book within a book. It is an original story difficult to put down not only because of the premise but the very real characters so well drawn. Rose Mercer

"I had a fantastic time with The Price of Fame and the characters stuck in my head whenever I had to put the book away."

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Mervi's Book Reviews says:

"For most of her life, Antonia didn't believe in the supernatural..."

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Tsana Dolichva says:

I have a soft spot for stories set in Melbourne, my home city. I might not have spent all that much time in St Kilda, but I've walked down Acland Street and bought pastires, and been to Luna Park and ridden the same roller coaster the band rides in the book (a few safety-induced renovations later). The language Daniells uses is distinctly Australian, particularly in the slang all the characters use, which I also enjoyed.

Overall, I enjoyed The Price of Fame and read it in two sittings, finding it difficult to put down, especially once the 80s story started to unfold. It has minor paranormal elements, but they don't really become pivotal until the end and could almost be dismissed as magical realism (if paranormal elements aren't your sort of thing).

I strongly recommend The Price of Fame to anyone who enjoys mystery/crime novels, paranormal fiction and/or historical Melbourne.

5 / 5 stars

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Liz Filleul says:

'The Price of Fame is an intriguing crime novel and a commentary on the changes St Kilda has undergone. I loved the depiction of St Kilda, both in the 1980s and now. My first memory of St Kilda is as a backpacker in 1990, when it was a seedy and edgy inner-city seaside suburb. A few years later I came to know it as the home of Sisters in Crime Australia. Now, of course, it has become yuppiefied, and it's fascinating to meet the two St Kildas in the pages of one book.

Hopefully this won't be RC Daniells' only foray into crime …

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Krista McKeeth says:

"Told from two different narratives and timelines, this novel was fun with an entertaining mix of paranormal, rock and roll, and a murder mystery."

4/5 stars on Goodreads.

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Sean the Blogonaut says:

'I read it two sittings, getting sunburnt because I couldn't but the book down.

The writing and the pacing, overrode my aversion to "psychic energies", the characters were real, the ending a mix of triumph and sadness. While I think The Price of Fame is a one shot, I hope Daniells decides to play in the crime fiction sandpit again.
I'll read it with or without restless spirits.'

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