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Commander Bryn Gideon and the crack Australian 'Redback Retrieval Team' rescue hostages from Pacific island rebels. American journalist Scott Dreher, researching computer war-game training, uncovers links between Western government agencies and known terrorist groups.

Meanwhile ritual killings in London and Tokyo, a bomb on a European train, an assassination on an Australian beach, and an attack on a US army base have half the world on high alert. The question is: are these incidents the work of isolated opportunistic terrorists, or part of something more sinister?

Gideon's Redbacks join the race to expose the ultimate conspiracy of a truly evil force; one that plays both sides of the terror divide against each other.

"A girls'-own-adventure with the lot.

A beautiful-yet-deadly commander of a crack retrieval team; terrorists of US, European, Arabic and Asian strains; high-tech comms systems implanted into earlobes; assault helicopters; conspiracies; multiple explosions … Add a frank delight in the genre and you have Lindy Cameron's page-turner Redback.

The hi-tech adventure thriller has traditionally been a male domain (think Tom Clancy, Dale Brown, James W Huston, Matthew Reilly, John Birmingham and many others). With Redback Lindy Cameron takes the genre and gives it a good shake, creating a team of savvy fighters based in Australia and led by the incomparable Bryn Gideon -- part Xena, part Captain Kirk."

The opening of The Newtown Review of Books comments about Redback... here is the full review

The action and even the politics in REDBACK are amazingly real, as is the political infighting. The characters are well drawn and extremely interesting. I loved the enigma that is Bryn Gideon. There was both power and poignancy in the portrayal of the US Defence Secretary, Nate van Louden. The comedy in some of the interplay within the various political camps was well placed and assisted in the pacing, producing a finely crafted roller-coaster ride.

In case you couldn't tell, I loved REDBACK. It left me wanting more, and I can't wait for the Redback team to be let loose again.

From Adam Donnison - on Goodreads