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Doomed, magnificent Troy is burning...

Cassandra is the second in Kerry Greenwood's extraordinary Delphic Women trilogy,
which revels in the lives of some of history's legendary women.

Like Medea, the first book in the series, Cassandra is an epic tale of love and lust, bravery and honour, trust and betrayal.

Set in a time of gods and monsters, of great kings both noble and notorious, of women so beautiful mortal men waged war in their name, and in an age when mighty warriors, seers and healers filled the ranks of the Trojan, Amazon and Greek armies, Cassandra is an exhilarating account of the fall of Troy

Kerry Greenwood has woven a legend into an epic and beautiful tale of peace and war, in which the petty Olympian gods test and tempt, bless and curse the mortals of the ancient world.

Cassandra, the golden-haired princess cursed with the gift of prophecy, and Diomenes, the Achaean with the healing hands, become puppets of the gods.

Despite forseeing the end of Troy, Cassandra, prophetess and princess, stands with her fellow Trojans as they defend their great city from the onslaught of the Achaeans, whose demand for the return of the Helen is merely an excuse for war.

With their passions thwarted, their loves betrayed, and their gifts rendered useless for the sake of a wager between two immortals, will Cassandra and Diomenes find each other in the light of the burning city?

And, if they do, can their love survive the machinations of malicious gods and men?

Kerry Greenwood - historian, lawyer and author - never trusted that the old adage 'history is written by the victors' meant the records being kept or the stories being told contained the only truth.

Especially when women were either ignored by centuries of male record-keepers, or recast as saints or whores, damsels in distress or femmes fatale - with no middle ground.

There was little doubt then that her retelling of the legends and 'history' of the ancient world would redress the imbalance. After all, the creator of the irrepressible Phryne Fisher - sleuth-extraordinaire of Melbourne, circa 1928 - couldn't help but look at history with a fresh and feminist eye.

Kerry's Delphic Women trilogy began with Medea, the real story of Jason & the Argonauts told from the point of view of Medea - sorceress, Priestess of Hecate and Jason's wife. It also sets the record straight about who really killed the children of Medea and Jason.

Following Cassandra later this year, the final book in the trilogy is Electra, the story of Agamemnon's daughter who flees her home after witnessing her father's murder at the hands of her mother. Forced to rely on the Trojan woman, Cassandra, and her two male companions - an Achaean and a Trojan - Electra is driven by a burning desire for revenge.

Kerry Greenwood's Delphic Women series evokes the dark perils and pleasures of the ancient world with a beautiful and sensual intensity.

Medea and Cassandra are both available now in paperback from the CDP website and all good book shops;
and as eBooks from CDP, Amazon, Kobo stores and iTunes - in mobi and ePub.

Kerry's Out of the Black Land and Salmancis are also available as paperbacks and eBooks

Our Jane featured in a double-page spread
in the Weekend section of Melbourne's Herald Sun.

'Flushing out a Killer' features a sizeable extract from Jane's third crime novel Flush,
and an interview with Jane on how her "novel approach favours brains over bullets".

Of course we at Clan HQ already know what a great read Flush is - but if you've come here to check it out (into a cart) then why not pick up the first two in the series too.

Clan Destine Press has published Flush as a paperback and eBook;
and Half Past Dead and A Hand in the Bush as eBooks.

Congratulations to our Cheryse Durrant on the inclusion of THE BLOOD SHE BETRAYED in the Finalist Listing of the ARR 2013 Awards, Favourite Sci Fi, Fantasy or Futuristic Romance category.

Fantastic news! - and don't forget to book your tickets for the award dinner in Sydney on 22nd March 2014 (link is in the above story).

We here at Clan HQ are thrilled beyond words!
Emilie Collyer has won the 2013 Clan Destine Press Cross-Genre Award
at the 20th annual Sisters in Crime Australia Scarlet Stiletto Awards.

This year she won for her story 'Service with a Smile'.

Emilie took out 'our' award last year as well, with a story that also won the Kill City Second Prize.

Emilie's work has appeared in publications including Kill Your Darlings, Overland, Cordite, Page Seventeen,Torpedo, and The Big Issue. She writes extensively for theatre, with over 15 works produced. Most recently her sci-fi play, The Good Girl, won the Best Emerging Writer Award at the 2013 Melbourne Fringe Festival; and Dream Home was shortlisted for the 2013 Patrick White Award.

Emilie (left) accepts her award from publisher Lindy Cameron.

And yes, Lindy is wearing a very spiffy hat - as part of the 'frock up for Phryne' fun of the awards night.

Special guest presenter for the 20th anniversary of the Scarlet Stiletto Awards was the fabulous
Essie Davis - who plays Kerry Greenwood's sparkling creation Phryne Fisher in the TV series Miss Fisher's Murder Mysteries.

Essie Davis (standing left), Emilie Collyer (standing 3rd left) and while we're naming names - another Clan Destine Press author Kylie Fox (one half of A.K. Wrox) (sitting right) won the Scarlet Stiletto Third Prize for 'A Lovely Face'; and brand new CDP author Sandi Wallace ((standing centre) won the Benn's Books Best Investigative Award for 'Silk Versus Sierra'.

All three stories plus - obviously - all the other winnings mystery tales are featured in the latest eBook from Clan Destine Press:

buy here

Left: Vikki Petraitis, Demet Divaroren & Emilie Collyer

Middle: Amanda Wrangles, Essie Davis & Kylie Fox

Right: Lindy Cameron, Essie Davis & Sandi Wallace

Flush, The Blood She Betrayed & Unnaturals

were launched in spectacular fashion

at GenreCon 2013 in Brisbane on Saturday.

Jane Clifton

Dean J Anderson

Cheryse Durrant

Bestselling urban fantasy writer Keri Arthur did the launch honors for Dean J Anderson's debut adult dark urban fantasy novel Unnaturals.

Pic: Keri Arthur with Dean & Cheryse

Clan Destine Press Publisher Lindy Cameron launched Jane Clifton's crime novel Flush, and Cheryse Durrant's YA urban fantasy The Blood She Betrayed.

There was wine, cheer, a captured but attentive audience of genre fans, sales and signings.

GenreCon was the perfect occasion to launch our three latest books and officially celebrate the first CDP books by Dean, Jane & Cheryse.

The convention, in its second year, celebrates Australian genre fiction and brought together the diverse communities of genre writers to talk about their books, to explore the writing craft, to discuss the business of being a writer and getting published, and to foster the next generation of genre writers as they embark on their careers or wait to be discovered.

It was also a weekend-long party and networking opportunity for writers and publishing professionals united by their love of crime, spec-fic, romance, fantasy, science fiction, horror, and the myriad of sub-genres.

Jane Clifton - actor, singer author - is back in print with her third crime novel. Flush is the first of Jane's books to be published in paperback and eBook by Clan Destine Press. But we are also re-publishing, as eBooks, her first two crime novels Half Past Dead & A Hand in the Bush.

Dean J Anderson & Cheryse Durrant are the next generation of genre writers. Their debut novels Unnaturals and The Blood She Betrayed are also the first in two brand new series.

GenreCon 2013 was a wonderful gathering of the Clan because three of our other authors Narrelle Harris, Jane Routley & Sandy Curtis were also part of the fun.

Dean J Anderson, Cheryse Durrant, Jane Routley, Jane Clifton & Narrelle Harris

Publisher Lindy Cameron with Cheryse & Jane

Sandy Curtis with Scott Baker

Clan Destine Press is thrilled to reveal the cover for our first Dark Urban Fantasy.

The sexy action-filled Unnaturals
is also the debut novel for Dean J Anderson.

All CDP covers are wrap-around images, although the front cover is always
more than enough to 'be judged' by.

But sometimes the whole thing really needs to be revealed to give
you a better idea of what lies between the covers.

So here is Unnaturals:

The eBook will be available from October 7
and the paperback will be launched at GenreCon
in Brisbane on October 12.
[Standby for details].

The word is out:

Jane Clifton's brand new crime novel


is available now, in paperback and eBook.

Her first two crime novels, Half Past Dead & A Hand in the Bush are also eBooks.

Sisters in Crime has announced the shortlist for the
13th Davitt Awards for Australian Women's Crime Writing

Walking Shadows by our very own Narrelle Harris joins a criminally good lineup in the shortlist for this year's
Best Adult Novel.

A record 61 books published in 2012 competed for five Davitts:
Best Novel (Adult);
Best Novel (Kids' & YA);
Best True Crime Book;
Best Debut Book (any category); Readers' Choice
(voted by the members of Sisters in Crime Australia).

This year the inaugural Lifetime Achievement Award will be presented.

The complete shortlist is:

Davitt Award for Best Adult Novel

· Kathryn Fox, Cold Grave (Pan Macmillan Australia)

· Sulari Gentill, Paving the New Road (Pantera Press)

· Maggie Groff, Mad Men, Bad Girls and the Guerilla Knitters Institute
(Pan Macmillan Australia)

· Narrelle M Harris, Walking Shadows (Clan Destine Press)

· Katherine Howell, Silent Fear (Pan Macmillan Australia)

· Malla Nunn, Silent Valley (Pan Macmillan Australia)

· Caroline Overington, Sisters of Mercy (Random House)

· Josephine Pennicott, The Poet's Cottage (Pan Macmillan Australia)

Davitt Award for Best Children's/Young Adult Novel

· Sonya Hartnett, The Children of the King (Penguin Books Australia)

· Sophie Masson, Moonlight and Ashes (Random House)

· Jen Storer, Truly Tan (HarperCollins)

· Jennifer Walsh, The Tunnels of Tarcoola (Allen & Unwin)

Davitt Award for Best True Crime Book

· Pamela Burton, The Waterlow Killings: a portrait of a family tragedy
(Melbourne University Publishing)

· Justine Ford, Missing You (The Five Mile Press)

The Awards will be be presented at a gala dinner presented by
Sisters in Crime Australia from 7pm on Saturday 31 August,
at the Thornbury Theatre, Thornbury in Melbourne.

Special guest Davitt Awards presenter is leading New Zealand
crime writer, Vanda Symon.

Three Clan Destine Press authors have been blogging around the place
talking about the writing process, and their books.

And two other CDP authors have essays on writing crime in a
new book
(from A&U) called
If I Tell You, I'll have to Kill You.

Cheryse Durrant blogged about her forthcoming debut novel, the YA/NA urban fantasy The Blood She Betrayed.

Standby for more pre-launch news on this book, about which LJ Smith - author
of The Vampire Diaries & The Secret Circle - said:
" one of the most engaging strong female role models I've seen in a long time. This girl can handle herself! The plot is full of ingenious twists..."

Cheryse's blog is over at Darkside Downunder and you will be able to buy the
eBook of her debut novel here from the end of August; and the paperback from
CDP and all good bookshops in October.

Jane Routley gives an insight into what makes her character Kitten Avignon tick.

The fascinating Madame Avignon - actress, courtesan, painter's muse,
fashion icon and paramour of Gallian ruler Duke Leon Saar - is one of
the two main characters of The Dion Chronicles, Jane's fantasy
novels: Mage Heart, Fire Angels and Aramaya.

The blog is here and you can go here to buy the trilogy.

Sarah Evans talks about her latest book which, as it happens, is
not a CDP book. We don't mind though; in fact we love it that our
authors spread themselves around.

Sarah is over at the 'boutique online Aussie romance publisher
Steam eReads chatting about Prudence and the Mighty Flynn.

Meanwhile back here at Clan HQ, her romcom crime novel Operation Paradise
is in the final stages of publication. Standy for news on the almost-here eBook,
and the October paperback release.

Clan authors Lindy Cameron & Kerry Greenwood have essays in

If I Tell You... I'll Have to Kill You

a brand new collection edited by the awesome Michael Robotham.

Published by someone else (Allen & Unwin) If I Tell You... was produced as a fundraiser for the Australian Crime Writers' Association, which presents the annual Ned Kelly Awards.
All royalties go to the ACWA.

As the blurb says: "Crime fiction is the single most popular genre in international publishing and Australia has some of the finest practitioners when it comes to walking the mean streets and nailing the bad guys.

"Whether you're a fan of crime fiction, true crime or a would-be crime writer, this collection of essays will provide laughter, understanding, insight, ideas, advice and hopefully some inspiration.

"...our best crime writers lay bare their souls and reveal their secrets as never before, along with their rules for writing, and reading lists."

The book features quite a few of Kerry and Lindy's fellow Sisters in Crime: Angela Savage, Leigh Redhead Marele Day, Liz Porter, Malla Nunn, Tara Moss, Leah Giarratano, Lindsay Simpson, Katherine Howell & Gabrielle Lord...

And a good number of their Brothers-in-Law: Michael Robotham, Shane Maloney, Peter Corris, Lenny Bartulin, Garry Disher, Geoffrey McGeachin, Barry Maitland, Adrian Hyland & Peter Lawrance.

If I Tell You... I'll Have To Kill You is being officially launched at 2pm
this Friday at the Byron Bay Writers' Festival. Kerry Greenwood, Marele Day,
Katherine Howell, Lenny Bartulin & Michael Robotham will be there.

The 2013 Ned Kelly shortlist will also be announced.

You can trip over to AustCrime to read a review of this wonderful collection.

We here at Clan Destine Press are always excited about something...

This week it's three new books. Yes, three.

The paperback version of our already-bestselling rural romance Breakaway Creek will be available from next week.

Ask your favourite bookshop or buy online from the CDP website.

Our newest eBooks are the crime novel Death by Sugar by Helen Goltz,

and Expendable, second in the Secret Agents, Secret Lives erotic series by NM Harris.

All three books are available from the Clan website or from Amazon, Kobo & iTunes.