Liz Porter


Melbourne writer Liz Porter is best known for her prize-winning books about 'real CSIs' but it's her fiction that has brought her to Clan Destine Press.

Unnatural Order is a sexy thriller about obsession and the hunt for truth in the darkest of places.

The novel is set in Germany, where Liz lived and worked as a freelance journalist in the late 1980s, and was first published in 1995.

The new Clan Destine Press eBook edition brings Unnatural Order to a whole new audience.

Liz's true crime books (for other publishers) are: Written on the Skin: an Australian forensic casebook, joint winner of the 2007 Ned Kelly Award; andCold Case Files: past crimes solved by new forensic science, winner of the 2012 Davitt Award.

While there’s plenty of crime, and a mystery to solve, in Unnatural Order its characters are also driven by sexual obsession. 

Set in 1988, Australian expat journalist, Caroline James, uncovers a story about a woman accused of killing her own child. But Caroline's professional curiosity soon turns personal as every investigative step she takes drags her deeper into the horrors of the Nazi past. 


When she's not engaged in all sorts of criminal research, Liz Porter is a year-round sea swimmer at Melbourne’s Middle Brighton sea baths, a chorister in a classical music choir and a tragically devoted fan of the Melbourne-based Australian Football League club, St Kilda.