Sandy Curtis


Sandy lives on Queensland’s Central Coast, not far from the beach where she loves to walk and mull over the intricate plots in her novels.

After having dealt with the chaos involved in rearing three children, dogs, cats, guinea pigs, and a kookaburra (teaching it to fly was murder), creating complex characters, fast-paced action and edge-of-your-seat suspense is a breeze for Sandy.

During a childhood spent devouring every book she could get her hands on (and some her mother would have had a heart attack reading) she was so impressed by a story written by Philip Wylie in the American Saturday Evening Post she decided that one day she, too, would write stories that came to life for readers.

Her novels must surely do that as they have been nominees in the Ned Kelly Crime Awards and two have been finalists in the mainstream section of the Romantic Book of the Year Award run by the Romance Writers of Australia.

If you ask Sandy to describe her normal writing day you’ll probably be met with laughter, bordering on the hysterical. “Normal is when the chaos in my life subsides to frantic rather than frenzied. I once told a friend that I must have a chaos attractor glued on my forehead and she said that creativity hovers on the edge of chaos, to which I replied that I’d long ago fallen off the edge into the middle.”

Her various occupations, from private secretary to assistant to a Bore Licensing Inspector, as well as hitch-hiking around New Zealand and learning to parachute, have given Sandy lots of people and research skills. It’s the paperwork going feral in her office she has trouble with.

Sandy's first paperback with CDP was Fatal Flaw; and her latest is Grievous Harm.

They, along with her previous novels - Dangerous Deception, Deadly Tide, Black Ice and Dance With The Devil  - are also CDP eBooks; and together they form a loosely-connected thriller-romance series. Clan Destine Press has also published the eBook of Sandy's standalone novel Until Death.


You can visit Sandy's website and blog.