Crime Shots - True Crime Short

Fin J Ross


Fin divides her time between cats and writing. As the owner of a boarding cattery on the beautiful Gippsland Lakes, the former often takes precedence – until the writing takes over.

When (also) not working part-time as a journalist (an actual paid job), her days are spent feeding, grooming and cleaning up after cats. In return she gets plenty of blood-pressure lowering furry-purry hugs.

Vikki Petraitis


Vikki has been writing true crime since the early 1990s and her best selling book about Frankston serial killer, Paul Denyer, was one of the first books of this kind and widened the readership for true crime stories in Australia. A number of Vikki’s true crime stories have been made into TV episodes of Forensic Investigators and Sensing Murder.

Ruth Wykes

A writer of crime - both fiction and fact - Ruth has a passion for words and their ability to entertain, to reveal the truth and to promote change. 

A human rights activist who now lives in Victoria, Ruth spent over a decade in Perth - where she was writer, editor and publisher of a magazine for ten years; and also ran several projects at WA's Bandyup Women’s Prison.

Robin Bowles


Widely regarded as one of Australia’s foremost true crime writers, Robin Bowles has been investigating the stories behind the headlines for nearly two decades.

In 1996, Robin read a newspaper article about the alleged suicide of country Victorian housewife, Jennifer Tanner. Guessing there might be a bigger truth behind that case, Robin closed her PR business for a year to research and write her first book, Blind Justice.

Lindy Cameron


Lindy is an Australian writer of crime fiction and fact – who long ago gave up the fantasy of growing up to be a famous scientist. 

The fact that she still harbours a desire to be an astronaut, a warrior chick or an Apache Longbow helicopter pilot would hint that she perhaps hasn’t, however, grown up much at all.