Australian Genre Publishing

Erotica: Contemporary

Cara Donavon

Cara has written a variety of erotica and esoterica.

She is an amateur photographer, resides in Dallas, enjoys music and collects weird things in jars.

Cara and her friend Isobel Dorian (aka Mary Borsellino) have co-written the erotically-charged Table for Three - for Clan Destine Encounters.



Dean J Anderson


Dean lives in a small coastal town of Yeppoon in Central Queensland.

NM Harris


NM Harris likes a bit of adventure: whether it’s with spies fighting the good fight for love and country, crazy boys up to shenanigans for the sheer love of the chase and each other, or saucy couples letting passion take them for the ride of a lifetime.

Harris likes a bit of passion too – with or without accompanying accessories and foodstuffs.

But passion and adventure together? Who doesn't love that?

Harris hopes it thrills you too.



No one knows where Anders came from and, while we’re pretty sure the author photo is a fake, we won’t be investigating too hard…

Rumours run rife of underworld connections, wild parties and weird magics.

All we know is that lust, passion and love burn hot in the manuscripts which appear in the Encounters inbox in middle of the night.

And we have to offer Anders’ stories up to an unsuspecting public because the notes that come with the manuscripts simply read: Publish or die.

Jaycee Winters


An imaginative and adventurous spirit, Jaycee Winters loves travel, beach-combing, and her sexy 007 look-alike husband of 20 years.

A four-time champion pole dancer, Jaycee spent most of her young working life flashing her shapely legs in bars and on dance floors, but she's now creating a different tempo – and temperature – with fast, slick beats on the keyboard.

Her erotic stories for Clan Destine ENCOUNTERS include: Peaches and Tonight, Josephine.