Fiction: Fantasy

A.K. Wrox

A.K. Wrox is variously known as Kylie Fox, Amanda Wrangles Mum, Hey-You or, most commonly: That Evil Wench.   

A.K. Wrox – the author – was created to take the blame for all the things that Amanda and Kylie are too shy to admit to writing themselves.

The Arrabella Candellarbra soon-to-be four-book trilogy – written entirely on a private Facebook page – is the first work attributed to A.K. Wrox.

Jane Routley


Jane was born in Melbourne, Australia, went to Preshil, Strathcona, and Monash University where she studied history, and RMIT where she became a Librarian.

Jane has had a variety of careers, including Fruit Picker and Occult Librarian and she lived in Germany and Denmark for a decade.