Fiction: Urban Fantasy

Narrelle M Harris


Narrelle was born in Newcastle, Australia and proceeded to move every few years until most of her friends thought she was on a Witness Protection program. Her itinerancy included three years abroad, teaching English in Egypt and Poland.

Although now settled in Melbourne, with her husband and her cat, she continues to relieve itchy feet with regular travel.

Walking Shadows, is the long-awaited sequel in her geek vampire series. The Opposite of Life.

Cheryse Durrant


Cheryse Durrant grew up on an Australian cattle property where she invented stories about scrub faeries and imaginary superheroes.

She wrote her first prose on her aunt's bedroom wall at the age of five but it did not attract the literary acclaim she deserved.

She has since worked a variety of jobs, from barmaid and dental receptionist to journalist and tutor.

The Blood She Betrayed is the first book in her YA Urban Fantasy Heart Hunter series.