Kids and YA

Goldie Alexander


Goldie may be celebrating her first novel – a YA historical – with Clan Destine Press but she is the author of more than 70 books.

Goldie writes for young adults, children and adults; she has played in every genre – historical fiction, science fiction, fantasy, romance and mysteries; and she's been published both in Australia and overseas.

David Greagg


David Greagg is a pseudonym for David Greagg.

David was born in Perth, which is a long way from anywhere except Perth.

For Clan Destine Press David is the author - ahem, official biographer - of the accounts of two years in the life of the gentleman cat known as Dougal. The adventures of Dougal and his adopted sister Shadow are told in Dougal's Diary and When We Were Kittens.



David Greagg (or Man, as I call him) is very tall when he’s standing up. So tall that all you can see are his legs and a sort of blobby face thing above.

He’s much shorter when he’s lying down and that’s when you can appreciate him properly. He’s got fur on most of his face, so he’s less tragically deformed than most humans; and he also speaks Cat reasonably well.

Cheryse Durrant


Cheryse Durrant grew up on an Australian cattle property where she invented stories about scrub faeries and imaginary superheroes.

She wrote her first prose on her aunt's bedroom wall at the age of five but it did not attract the literary acclaim she deserved.

She has since worked a variety of jobs, from barmaid and dental receptionist to journalist and tutor.

The Blood She Betrayed is the first book in her YA Urban Fantasy Heart Hunter series.

Mary Borsellino


Mary lives in Melbourne and has a lot of tattoos.

Her two main genres of fiction writing are erotica and dark Young Adult fantasy/supernatural, and she also occasionally puts her creaky old Media Studies degree to good use and writes pop culture analysis, too.

Thrive - Mary's much anticipated YA speculative fiction adventure is now available. 

And Thrive is one of those YA novels suitable for ALL ages - 15 to 105.