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David Greagg


David Greagg is a pseudonym for David Greagg.

David was born in Perth, which is a long way from anywhere except Perth.

For Clan Destine Press David is the author - ahem, official biographer - of the accounts of two years in the life of the gentleman cat known as Dougal. The adventures of Dougal and his adopted sister Shadow are told in Dougal's Diary and When We Were Kittens.



David Greagg (or Man, as I call him) is very tall when he’s standing up. So tall that all you can see are his legs and a sort of blobby face thing above.

He’s much shorter when he’s lying down and that’s when you can appreciate him properly. He’s got fur on most of his face, so he’s less tragically deformed than most humans; and he also speaks Cat reasonably well.

Patricia Bernard


Patricia has spent most of her adult life travelling the world.

She has visited 111 countries including Tibet, Cuba, Morocco, India, China, Mongolia and Papua New Guinea. She has seen Central America, Scandinavia, Eastern Europe and the islands of the Indian and Pacific oceans; and travelled by boat, motorbike, sports car, bus, train, plane and on foot. She has ventured into the Sahara Desert, across the wilds of Alaska, onto mysterious Easter Island, and up the mighty Nile River...

Patricia knows what adventure feels like.