A.K. Wrox

A.K. Wrox is variously known as Kylie Fox, Amanda Wrangles Mum, Hey-You or, most commonly: That Evil Wench.   

A.K. Wrox – the author – was created to take the blame for all the things that Amanda and Kylie are too shy to admit to writing themselves.

The Arrabella Candellarbra soon-to-be four-book trilogy – written entirely on a private Facebook page – is the first work attributed to A.K. Wrox.

Sarah Evans


Sarah is an English ex-pat who has been writing short stories and novels since leaving the world of journalism in the late eighties and taking up the ‘good life’ in rural WA to raise a brood and attempt self-sufficiency. 

A crime and romance writer, Sarah also dabbles in spec-fic, fantasy and a touch of horror. The epitome of the muti-tasker she is also a songwriter, book editor and creative writing teacher: 

Cheryse Durrant


Cheryse Durrant grew up on an Australian cattle property where she invented stories about scrub faeries and imaginary superheroes.

She wrote her first prose on her aunt's bedroom wall at the age of five but it did not attract the literary acclaim she deserved.

She has since worked a variety of jobs, from barmaid and dental receptionist to journalist and tutor.

The Blood She Betrayed is the first book in her YA Urban Fantasy Heart Hunter series.

Helen Goltz


Helen is a writer of crime, thrillers, historical novels and non-fiction.

Her first book for Clan Destine Press is the sexy and amusing crime novel Death by Sugar.

It's a spunky modern mystery, with lots of unexpected twists.

Helen, like all good writers, has always been an avid reader. While growing up in Toowoomba, she was always excited by a trip to the library and the promise of returning home with a collection of books to read.

Heather Garside


Heather grew up on a cattle property in Central Queensland and now lives with her husband and son on a beef and grain farm in the same area. 

She has previously published three historical romances and has helped to write and produce several compilations of short stories and local histories.

Breakaway Creek is Heather's first rural romance novel and the first of its kind for Clan Destine Press.

Lindy Cameron


Lindy is an Australian writer of crime fiction and fact – who long ago gave up the fantasy of growing up to be a famous scientist. 

The fact that she still harbours a desire to be an astronaut, a warrior chick or an Apache Longbow helicopter pilot would hint that she perhaps hasn’t, however, grown up much at all.