Adventures in Love and Time


Adventures in Love and Time


Kerry Greenwood

~ the paperback ~


Kerry Greenwood's latest book overflows with history, adventure,

love, romance, and gorgeous men and only men.

Clan Destine Press announces the release of the paperback edition of

Herotica: Adventures in Love and Time .

Kerry's historical detail and sense of place and time, sets the many scenes for a wonderful collection of happy-ever-after love stories.

Or as Kerry herself says: 'Wonderful tales of gorgeous gay men shagging each other senseless

in impeccable historical settings'.

Popular demand has proven that paper not only beats rock, but also gives digital a run for its money.

Kerry's many fans – and indeed Kerry herself, who still gets excited by a new physical book – asked for a paperback
edition of her bestselling MM love stories.

We could hardly say no.

So we 'collected' our favourite stories from the three-volume eBook series – Herotica vols 1 & 2, and Mytherotica – and asked Kerry's favourite CDP cover designer Ran Valheron to do his sexy best for the new publication.

And now we offer up, for your reading and romantic pleasure, the paperback of Herotica.

Choosing just 32 from the 88 stories in the eBook series was not easy.

We wanted the paperback to do what the three digital volumes have done: take you around the world and across time,
into the lives and loves of men who fight bravely, explore boldly, survive the odds, forge new worlds and save each other.

From Bronze Age Greece and Britain, to Ancient Egypt and Babylon, from the Holy Land to Iceland and the islands of Japan, from the battlefields of India, to colonial Australia and North Africa during World War II, Kerry transports you expertly from one time and place to another.

Visit the great Library of Alexandria and the incredible Hanging Gardens, escape the disasters of Vesuvius and Atlantis,
and meet the Roman Empire in outer space.

Against backgrounds of historical fact and real people – or inhabiting alternate histories, steampunk worlds or fictional lands – you'll find Trojans, Vikings, Samurai, Crusaders and Saracens; soldiers, explorers, artists, poets, inventors, druids, lords, knights and consulting detectives; and you'll meet Achilles, Merlin, Robin Hood, Snow White, Captain Nemo and Sherlock Holmes. 

A fabulous collection of stories of love and lust between heroic and adventurous men across the ages, in times of war and peace, in lands far and wide, and across time itself, Herotica is – above all else – a book of true love and happy-ever-afters.


Herotica – the paperback – is available right now from Clan Destine Press here; and also as POD from Booktopia in Australia, the Book Depository, Amazon US, and Barnes & Noble