A.K. Wrox was born way after Arrabella Candellarbra

– which is weird since A.K. is her creator.

But, in the beginning it was Mandy and Kylie creating some characters, and a world for them to live in, for a bit of fun. And for inspiration. And as a release from the more serious novels we were each working on: Mandy on an urban fantasy and Kylie on a crime thriller.

We created Arrabella and her friends (at least, some of them) on a questionable night and, the next day, started a private Facebook group to work on them. It seemed like the most logical choice at the time – we each check in on FB regularly – and the discussions meant we could write a little and share it with the other instantly.

In this way we worked, sometimes a paragraph at a time, sometimes pages, always leaving off at a particularly critical or cringe-worthy moment. When better than to palm the work off on somebody else?

We laughed until our sides nearly split and we shared it with our writing group every week who also got one hell of a kick out of it. Gradually it dawned on us that maybe if we thought it was funny, and they thought it was funny, maybe other people would too.

Amanda and Kylie

Thus, A.K. Wrox was created – mostly to take the blame for the stuff we’re too shy to admit to writing!

As far as we know, ours is the only novel written completely on a Facebook page – and if it’s not, it’s the only one we’ve heard of, so we’ll claim it anyway.

What better way then, to introduce you to us than with one of our many ridiculous, late-night FB brainstorming sessions? Enjoy!

Amanda So they’re saying we have to start blogging. As AK Wrox. Any ideas?
Kylie No, I thought you'd have ideas.
Amanda You're the one with the genius IQ.
Kylie Ha! Yeah, but you're the ideas girl. What do you want to blog about?
Amanda Dunno. Methods of body dispatch? How to build a cupcake tower? Whaddabout: What sleep deprivation does to a writer's brain?
Kylie I thought sleep deprivation was what caused body's to end up being dispatched in cupcake towers!
Kylie We could blog about the whole writing sex scenes thing. You know, how you can go from never, ever, ever wanting to write a sex scene to a book that includes straight, gay, bi, tri and try anything!
Kylie Oh, anything except bestiality that is. No centaur lovin', I say!
Amanda But we didn't write multiple sex scenes that included straight, gay, bi, tri an try anything. AK Wrox did!
Kylie This is true! I had nothing to do with any of them. At all.
Kylie So maybe we blog about the joys of hiding behind a pseudonym?
Amanda Nooo; no animals were harmed or taken advantage of in this story. At all.
Amanda We could indeed. Because that way, no one will really know it was YOU that came up with all the dirty bits.
Kylie Everybody already knows that was you. All you. Totally.
Amanda Yes. All me. Totally. Not.
Kylie Excuse me? Scrotum skin? Ringing any bells, AWR?
Amanda AWR?
Kylie They would be the letters you contributed (along with all the dirty bits) to AK Wrox
Amanda And what's a bit of scrotum skin when we're talkin white, not... you know?
Amanda Oh.
Kylie Which, by the way, is another thing I'd like to blog about. The letters we contributed. Somehow I think I drew the short straw on that one!
Amanda Ahem. What's wrong with K OX?
Kylie I had nothing to do with Daffadildos. And Bill Clinton did not have sex with that woman!
Amanda <snicker snicker>
Amanda ha!
Kylie You have to ask what's wrong with K OX? Hmmm... I sense a conspiracy.
Amanda Hehehe
Amanda Yes, that's so everyone will know you wrote the dirty bits.
Kylie You just keep telling yourself that – eventually you'll have yourself convinced. Unfortunately, nobody else will believe you though.
Amanda Bah!
Kylie I only wrote about the pretty moons and the colourful unicorns and all things fluffy and light and un-sex-like!
Amanda Yes, Kylie. That's right. All the pretty bits are yours.
Kylie No some of the pretty bits are yours. Unfortunately, those pretty bits are covered by loin cloths and warrior outfits most of the time!
Amanda Yep, I wrote the covered up bits. The loinclothes and the wizarding clothes, the sensible heels with the Leave it to Beaver House Dresses and the pistachio clad prince. YOU wrote the bits where the clothes were... um... removed.
Amanda So, we have blogging about writing under a pseudonym. What else?
Kylie Ok, so we're agreed then. We should blog about how filthy your mind is and how you coerced your poor innocent friend to participate in this sex-writing caper.
Amanda Excuse me a moment. I just spat my tea.
Kylie We could blog about some of our favourite books and movies that rate mentions throughout Arrabella.
Amanda But it's not just a sex writing caper.. is it?
Kylie Oh, so ladylike all of a sudden! Ha!
Amanda Good idea. There's more than one pop culture reference, after all.
Amanda Always ladylike.
Kylie Absolutely not just a sex caper. In fact, there was never meant to be more than a hint of the sex.
Kylie There's far more about magic, and magical creatures – both good and evil, and quests and duels and saw-toothed bunnies and warrior chicks and tree nymphos and wizards and very fey fairy princes and beast masters and Ringo beating his own drum.
Amanda So why has the sex thing got so much attention do you think? Is the world full of filthy minded people, searching for a book to fulfil their fantasies? Or do we just know some really strange people?
Kylie Perhaps a bit of both.
Amanda Don't forget the Barrella Monkeys and the boxes of balls.
Kylie Or maybe it's just the discomfort we have when those particular parts are being read, makes people hone in on them more?
Kylie And the viscous-tongued frogs.
Amanda Ah, yes. Those viscous-tongued frogs.
Amanda Maybe we could blog about what it's like to write together? As in, how much we hate each other now?
Kylie Oh and liquid view finders!
Kylie That'd be a good one. 'Cause I do totally hate you, you know that, right?
Amanda Very, very special liquid view finders. (seriously, that one's ALL YOURS)
Amanda Yes. I know you do.
Amanda As long as you realise the feeling is mutual.
Kylie I'm not sure how we're even going to write the second book in the trilogy. Do we have to actually speak to each other for that?
Kylie Of course it's mutual. You're a hater!
Amanda No, I'm sure we can manage to write it all via the web. Should be no need to actually speak or be in the same room.
Kylie That's a relief.
Amanda See, you know me too well. Fellow-hater!
Kylie Hey, how dumb are we?
Kylie Our first blog should be about Facebook.
Kylie This is where all that magic happened!
Amanda Surprisingly dumb, obviously.
Kylie Surely we're the first ones to write an entire novel on a FB discussion page.
Amanda You think we should blog about how it actually happened?
Kylie Um, well now there's a thought.
Amanda (Hope you mean the actual writing of the novel, not the drunken night we came up with the idea?)
Kylie How did it happen?
Kylie You may have been drunk - I was happily indulgent, is all
Amanda Bwahahahahahahahaha!
Amanda Yes Kylie. I believe you.
Kylie So, since it was all written on FB anyway, why do we need to write a blog? Couldn't we just copy and paste this conversation into a document and use this as our blog? It makes about as much sense as we usually do.
Amanda Or do you mean, the whole: 'It's your turn. Write. Now. Or else I'm coming around with my chainsaw/vial of cyanide/butchers knives... oh, you're not talking about the 'incentives' to write. You mean, this bit?
Kylie Hehehe. You know people will think you're joking about that. Seriously, if anyone's reading this - HELP ME! She keeps me chained up in the basement with only candles to see by and the dim flickering of my laptop. She hurts me, people. I HAVE to write or she hurts me. HEEEELLLLPPPP!!!
Amanda Now.... there's a story for the Scarlet Stiletto if I ever heard one.
Kylie Do they have a true crime section?
Amanda No, it's called the cross-genre award. Crime in a fantasy world.
Kylie Yeah, play the innocent - you do it so well.
Kylie No, please Mandy, not the tweezers ... I'll be good. I promise. Don't hurt me any more.
Amanda Okay, okay. But just for tonight, alright? But I want 2k words by tomorrow, or it's I'm bringing out the razor blades. Or maybe the swamp hens.
Kylie You wouldn't? Not really. I mean all those things I said, you knew I was joking right? I'm sorry. I'll be good. I'll sit cross-legged and speak only when spoken to and...and... Just not the swamp hens!
Amanda Okay then. Looks like we have an agreement. No swamp hens, and our first blog. This one, right here you think?
Kylie So, now that's out of our systems, what are we doing tomorrow night?
Amanda Tomorrownight Tomorrownight? Umm? Should I know? Taking over the world again?
Kylie Yes, Pinky; the same thing we do every night!
Kylie Same place, same time?
Amanda Well, that's that then. I guess I'll see you then ;)
Kylie Holy Snapping Bat Shit, Robin!
Amanda Bat shit... Now there's an idea for Book 2...

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