And Then... the great big book of awesome

Adventure ~ Action ~ Danger ~ Derring-do


Dynamic Duos


In a fabulous fit of inspired lunacy, we here at Clan Destine HQ
decided it was time to get all adventurous.

So we invited a host of other Aussie and Kiwi genre writers to play in the cubby house for our first commissioned anthology.


And Then... 

The Great Big Book of Awesome Adventure Tales


has turned into TWO great big books of awesome cross-genre adventure storie

and these are our authors:


Cameron Ashley ~ Dogs Leave Home to Die

Peter M Ball ~ Deadbeats

Alan Baxter ~ Golden Fortune, Dragon Jade

Mary Borsellino ~ The Australian Gang

Lindy Cameron ~ The Medusa Code

Kat Clay ~ In the Company of Rogues

Emilie Collyer ~ The Panther's Paw

Jack Dann ~ The Talking Sword

Sarah Evans ~ Plumbing the Depths

Jason Franks ~ Exli and the Dragon

Alison Goodman ~ The Benevolent Society of Ill-Mannered Ladies

Sulari Gentil ~ The Stranding

James Hopwood ~ The Lost Loot of Lima

Kelly Gardiner ~ Boots and the Bushranger

David Greagg & Kerry Greenwood ~ Cruel Sister

Narrelle M Harris ~ Moran & Cato: Virgin Soil

Maria Lewis ~ The Bushwalker Butcher

Sophie Masson ~ The Romanov Opal

Keith McArdle ~ The Demon's Cave

Jason Nahrung ~ The Mermaid Club

Andrew Nette ~ Save a Last Kiss for Satan

Amanda Pillar ~ It

Michael Pryor ~ Cross Purposes

Dan Rabarts ~ Tipuna Tapu

Tansy Rayner Roberts ~ Death at the Dragon Circus

Fin J Ross ~ Genemesis 

Tor Roxburgh ~ The Boudicca Society

Lucy Sussex ~ Batgirl in Borneo

Evelyn Tsitas ~ Stealing Back the Relics

Amanda Wrangles ~ Come Now, Traveller


Our awesome illustrator and cover designer is Vicky Pratt.

The sword featured above is the title-page illustration for
 The Talking Sword by Jack Dann


We've started a pre-order campaign with lots of goodies for those who partner with us early to support the project and our authors.


Click here: Indiegogo campaign to acquire the eBooks, Paperbacks,

and/or Limited Edition Hardcover - plus bonuse things.



The story behind the madness


We asked the authors for action-packed, page-turning stories featuring two protagonists; that's two guys, or two girls, or one of each, or any other gender combo.

We said they could be best friends, colleagues, life partners, family; a deliberate duo or fortuitous pairing; and, while they didn't have to be human, they did have to be equal.

We offered a list of rollicking-adventure ingredients, like: dastardly villains, evil warlords, arch enemies, Maguffins, lost relics, treasure maps and secret codes.

We encouraged them to: rev sports cars, stoke steam engines, fuel rockets, recalibrate warp drives, saddle horses or camels or alpacas; dial time machines, sail the high seas, blast into space.

And yes, naturally they could hit the deck, cross rope bridges, walk planks, blow hatches, beat bombs, sharpen swords, throw chakrams and lock&load explodey things; all while lining up ducks, skittles and red herrings.

While their stories could be contemporary, historical, realistic, far-out, spec-fic, horror, sf or urban fantasy, they primarily had to be good old-fashioned rip-snorting action adventures.

And then we told these authors they could write - wait for it - from 5000 to 15,000 words.

That's a lot of words.

And then... we waited - with fingers gripping the cliff edge; just hanging there waiting, waiting...

And then... most of the authors said, 'Ooh what fun'.

And then... the stories started coming in.

And, of course, most of the authors got wonderfully overexcited and most of their stories range from 10,000 to 15,000 words! 

Which is what we wanted, but now we really do have a lot of words.

And now two volumes of amazing fiction.