And Then... this happened


And Then... 

The Great Big Book of Awesome Adventure Tales

Volume 1

has arrived...


Once upon a time, in an inspired fit of lunacy, we invited some of the best genre writers in Australia and New Zealand to join us in a grand adventure.

We wanted rollicking stories of cliff-hanging quests and mysteries, page-turning deeds and escapades, with two heroes of any species, set in any time or place - but with a touch of something Aussie or Kiwi.

Coded messages were dispatched for writers to gird the loins of their heroes, slap on their many-coloured hats, lock and load their explodey things and set off on adventures galore...

What came back was 30 boundary-defying, adrenaline-charged stories of intrigue, bravery, mystery and peril.

And what we have now is a must-read anthology of tales that will transport you to worlds both familiar and fantastic.


Volume 1 

with an introduction by

Janeen Webb


Sulari Gentil ~ Catch a Fallen Star

Jason Nahrung ~ The Mermaid Club

Alan Baxter ~ Golden Fortune, Dragon Jade

Jason Franks ~ Exli and the Dragon

Lucy Sussex ~ Batgirl in Borneo

Amanda Wrangles ~ Come Now, Traveller

Evelyn Tsitas ~ Stealing Back the Relics

Peter M Ball ~ Deadbeats

Narrelle M Harris ~ Moran & Cato: Virgin Soil

Dan Rabarts ~ Tipuna Tapu

Kat Clay ~ In the Company of Rogues

Sophie Masson ~ The Romanov Opal

Tor Roxburgh ~ The Boudicca Society

Emilie Collyer ~ The Panther's Paw

Tansy Rayner Roberts ~ Death at the Dragon Circus


Edited by Ruth Wykes & Kylie Fox, with title page illustrations by Vicky Pratt and cover art by Sarah Pain, And Then... Vol 1 is now available as an eBook from this link

The And Then... paperback will be available in mid January.

And Then... Volume 2 with more ripping adventures - by Alison Goodman, Jack Dann & Steven Paulsen, Kerry Greenwood & David Greagg, Fin J Ross, Lindy Cameron, Maria Lewis, Andrew Nette, Cameron Ashley, Sarah Evans, Michael Pryor, James Hopwood, Mary Borsellino, Keith McArdle, Kelly Gardiner & Amanda Pillar - will also be out in paperback and eBook in January 2017.