And authors join the adventure

Mystery ~ History ~ Derring Do

The latest awesome news from Clan Destine HQ features 

orangutans, lost relics, far-future chaos and ill-mannered Regency ladies 


Four Sisters in Crime members and a damn-fine bloke

will join 26 other authors between the covers of

And Then... the Great Big Book of Awesome Adventure Tales


Sulari Gentill, Alison Goodman and Lucy Sussex headline the next batch of killer authors

which also includes, Scarlet Stiletto Award winner Evelyn Tsitas, 

and crime and specfic writer Cameron Ashley


Sulari has just released her 7th Rowland Sinclair mystery novel, Give the Devil His Due
Alison is about to launch Lady Helen and The Dark Days Club, the first in her new
rip-roaring trilogy of Regency adventures.
And Lucy recently released Blockbuster! Fergus Hume and the Mystery of a Hansom Cab


Their stories for And Then...

Alison Goodman ~ The Benevolent Society of Ill-Mannered Ladies

Sulari Gentill ~ The Stranding

Lucy Sussex ~ Sabah

Cameron Ashley ~ Dogs Leave Home to Die

Evelyn Tsitas ~ Stealing Back the Relics

Alison, Sulari, Lucy, Cam, Evelyn


And now we need YOUR help

Clan Destine Press has launched a crowdfunding campaign through Indiegogo to pay this 
amazing bunch of genre writers for their rollicking, action-packed adventure tales.

[Not just the five mentioned here, but the other 26 - and counting.]

It's often the sad reality that contributors to an anthology get a token fee
(sometimes as little as $30 and a copy of the book)
for their stories, no matter the length.

We offered 5 cents a word, for stories from 5000 to 15,000 words.
Most of our authors have delivered rollicking adventures tales in the 10-12,000-word range.

That's a lot of 5 cent pieces for a fabulous number of words.

Clan Destine Press, as usual, is responsible for all production costs (editing, design and printing),
but in order to pay our authors what they deserve we need your help.

For anyone who doesn't know how crowding funding works, the idea is to encourage
the readers of the world - especially fans of the contributing writers - to help fund the project.

Our Indiegogo campaign offers a variety of incentives to encourage lovers of genre fiction to get behind our authors
and help the anthology on the road to high adventure.

All sorts of goodies are on offer for different levels of financial support.

There are eBooks, paperbacks, notebooks and tote bags.

Some of our And Then... authors have donated their time to give writing critiques to emerging (or established) writers.
If you're a reader this is a great present to give a writer.

And of course there is the anthology itself.

By contributing early, you can score the first paperback copies of the now-TWO volume adventure anthology And Then...

By contributing enough you can score the limited edition hardback double volume of

And Then...the Great Big Book(s) of Awesome Adventures Tales.


You can contribute any amount - from $2 to $1000 - depending on what offer takes your fancy. 

For more info, including the full list of authors, and the chance to give your support,

click the link below and nip over to the:  

And Then... campaign.


Oh, and another way to help, of course, is to share our campaign with all the lovers of genre fiction you know.