Arrabella Candellarbra has arrived

Arrabella Candellarba and her trusty band of heroic questers have arrived.

A.K. Wrox mounted their very own expedition today to retrieve their first published novel from the Printers.

Their quest led them here & there, thither & yon, up hill and down dale, over the West Gate Bridge (for no good reason) and back again... but they finally found their way to where they were going and then came all the way home again... with the undeniable proof that The Questy Thing to End All Questy Things is real.

As their Publisher, I could not be more proud than I am today.

Clan Destine Press celebrates the arrival of Arrabella Candellarbra & the Questy Thing to End All Questy Things and we unleash into the World the world's newest authors  Kylie Fox & Amanda Wrangles


Congratulations my friends, and, um, look out everyone else!