The boys are back in town


It might have taken BFFs Jack Burns and Eliott Talbot a decade to admit they were perfect
for each other but once they acknowledged it there's been no turning back.

And then, when they also started an investigation business, mayhem naturally followed.

The second adventure in the Talbott & Burns erotic/romantic mystery series is all about the love...
and the mystery. 

NM Harris  aka Walking Shadows geek-vampire author Narrelle M Harris  lets us in on the boys' latest adventure in A Paying Client.

book 1 in the series

And this time they do actually have paying client: a suburban housewife wants to know if her daughter is a witch.

The answer isn't rocket science.

While Elliot at least, understands the fundamentals of rocket science, he knows slightly less about sex,  

but his long-time love (but only new lover) Jack is giving him a thorough grounding in that too.

Now, if only they can keep their mouths shut, not walk into danger again, save the day, and actually get paid, they'll be doing well.