Brave or Crazy

People keep telling me I'm brave to start my own publishing company - at the moment. 

  Maybe I am, but I doubt there's ever a sensible time to do something this bold and adventurous. In fact crazy is a much better word for what I've embarked on; and not for the reasons those aforementioned people would think.   I mean seriously, who in their right mind would choose to be a publisher? The one person in the House who's in charge of everything; and therefore responsible for everything; and everyone. The book-voucher stops with me folks. 
   I'm responsible for: the commissioning editor, editor, proofreader, book designer, office manager, warehouse manager, book packer and sender-outer, publicity person, book-keeper, secretary, coffee-hound. 
   The fact that I am all of those people means that 'as Publisher' I have a lot of selves to wrangle; while also looking after a growing Clan of awesome authors and their precious books.
   It's that very last point that sings to me though and tells me that I may well be crazy but starting Clan Destine Press is without doubt THE best decision I've ever made.
   I may be responsible, but I'm not alone. I have Capital M Minions! I have the best and most supportive partner who will one day soon be able to retire and stay home with Me and the Minions. And I launched my wild and fabulous endeavour - in November last year - with THREE books: an historical novel by the incomparable Kerry Greenwood; a cat book by the charming David Greagg; and my own adventure thriller.
  What's more I am utterly thrilled to already announce the next four books due out in June-July.


Medea by Kerry Greenwood
Arrabella Candellarbra and the Questy Thing to End All Questy Things by A K Wrox
Scarlet Stiletto The Second Cut by winners of the annnual Scarlet Stiletto Short Story Comp run by Sisters in Crime Australia

True Crime
The Frankston Serial Killer by Vikki Petraitis.

And here endeth my first blog.