Clan Destine ENCOUNTERS at Brisbane ARRA Con

Romance, Erotica & Chocolate Kisses

CDP authors Rowena Cory Daniells, Dean J Anderson and Heather Garside along with publisher Lindy Cameron & marketer Ruth Wykes have had a fabulous first day at the Australian Romance Readers Convention in Brisbane.

We are here to introduce Clan Destine Press to a couple of hundred avid romance readers, to launch our new Clan Destine ENCOUNTERS erotica eBooks, and to introduce Heather Garside our brand new rural romance author.

Rowena has been talking up her paranormal crime novel The Price of Fame

Dean has been letting people know about his 'due-in-May' dark urban fantasy novel Unnaturals

Lindy has been talking about the imminent eBook arrival of her Kit O'Malley PI series starting with Blood Guilt and her thriller Redback and we are giving away the first three chapters of Heather's rural romance Breakaway Creek as a free mini eBook. Breakaway Creek the teaser will be free until the full eBook comes out in April.

And here are our smiling, happy Rowena & Heather in the official ARRA Con signing room with a gazillion other romance writers signing up a storm.