Clan Destine Press announce the arrival of Dougal's Diary - a Year in the Life of a Cat by David Greagg

It's not always easy to be a good cat.

After some traumatic early life experiences, a lucky black-and-white kitten falls on his paws into a loving home with two kind humans.

Given his very own name, ‘Dougal’ decides to repay his Man and Woman by trying to be a Good Cat at all times. But when you have a naughty little sister like Shadow, being good isn’t as easy as it should be.

And, although they don’t know it, the humans are not in charge in this house. That role goes to the imperious old cat Belladonna, who does not take kindly to newcomers.

The garden of Dougal and Shadow’s new home also has a large resident family of wattlebirds, and there’s a supporting cast of neighbouring cats with agendas of their own, so the kittens must learn their place in the pecking order.

Ever the gentleman, Dougal’s adventurous nature and diplomatic skills will be tested to their limit as he tries to make sense of human and feline psychology.

Dougal’s bio of Man

David Greagg (or Man, as I call him) is so tall that you can really only appreciate him properly when he’s lying down. He has fur on most of his face, so he’s less tragically deformed than most humans; and he also speaks Cat reasonably well. That’s why I chose him to be my Gertrude Stein and write my biography.

When he’s not writing about me he potters around the house, and often goes out at night and comes home smelling of Party and Strange Cats. But he’s a Good Human and he knows what I like: several flavours of munchies in my bowl 24/7, fresh rainwater in plastic buckets, and going for walks late at night.

David Greagg is a pseudonym for David Greagg. He was born in Perth, which is a long way from anywhere except Perth, and now lives in Melbourne.

He is also the author of It's True! Burke & Wills Left the Frying-Pan Behind; It's True! The Vikings Got Lost; Eaglehawk and Australia’s National Parks.

At various times he has been an economist, accountant, company secretary, policy analyst, astrologer, TV quiz show contestant and teacher of mathematics, chemistry & physics; as well as a medieval warrior and accredited wizard. He will do, at various times in the future, other equally unpredictable things.

David is available for interviews on Dougal’s behalf.

Dougal’s Diary
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