Clan Destine Press announces The Frankston Serial Killer by Vikki Petraitis

Back in the 1990s Melbourne writer Vikki Petraitis set the benchmark for Australian true crime with her bestselling books The Phillip Island Murder and The Frankston Murders.

The latter came about because Vikki was doing interviews with members of Victoria Police for her second book of true crime stories. In July 1993 she happened to be doing ride-alongs with the Frankston police when Paul Charles Denyer began his serial killing spree around the bayside suburbs they policed.

Two years later her groundbreaking book was released.

Clan Destine Press is honoured to announce that we are the new publisher of the revised and updated edition of her book, now called The Frankston Serial Killer.

The riveting and true account of seven horrifying weeks in 1993 when the Australian bayside town of Frankston was terrorised by a series of crimes unlike anything they’d experienced before.

Vikki Petraitis details the extensive police investigation into three brutal homicides that led to the search for a serial killer, and the effect that his killing spree had on the families involved and the community as a whole.

Few cases in Victoria’s history have incited the fear and panic of that winter when a vicious killer was stalking Melbourne's bayside suburbs.

When Paul Denyer was caught, detectives listened for hours while he described the killings in chilling detail and without a shred of remorse.

He had coldly ended the lives of three young women, simply be cause he could.

The Frankston Serial Killer is available in both paperback and eBook formats.

Vikki Petriatis has some excellent true crime credentials.

She also is the author of The Phillip Island Murder, Cops, Crime Scene Investigations, and her most recent book Salvation.

Some of Vikki’s true crime stories have been made into TV episodes of Forensic Investigators and Sensing Murder; and Salvation – the true story of Rod Braybon’s fight for justice – prompted the Homicide Squad to look into allegations of missing children from the 1950s.

After winning the Sisters in Crime Australia Scarlet Stiletto Award for the Best New Talent (fiction) Vikki has completed her first novel, about a funny Gen Y teacher detective, called The Good, the Bad, and the Fugly.

It will be published by Clan Destine Press in 2012.