Clan Destine Press Goes Digital Crazy

Clan Destine Press is running head-long into Autumn 2013 in a ridiculous state of excitement about so many new things, it's hard to know where to begin....

But, here goes:

The first big announcement is the launch of our new DigitalFirst department.

Being an independent publisher – born in the 10th year of 21st century – Clan Destine Press has always embraced the world of eBooks while also producing paperbacks of the highest quality.

Sixteen of our titles have been released simultaneously as paperbacks and eBooks; and we’ve also returned to publication, as eBooks, several out-of-print series. We currently have 21 eBooks.

So – you may wonder – if we’re not new to the eReading world, why is this news at all.

And what does DigitalFirst mean exactly?

At Clan Destine Press, DigitalFirst means we will now be publishing some books as eBooks first. It’s that simple.

What it means for new authors in our Clan is that they get their books out into the world sooner.

Digital First also means all our authors are global authors from the moment they are published – through our own website, and through kobo, iTunes, Amazon and a host of other online bookstores.

The selection process for new authors and manuscripts naturally remains as rigorous as ever because DigitalFirst demands the same level of high-quality writing.

And every book – whether paperback/eBook or DigitalFirst eBook – gets the same level of editorial love and attention, and great covers, from our team of publishing professionals.

We know that getting physical books on physical shelves will always be – as it should – the standard to which hopeful writers and established authors aspire.

But this is the 21st century and there are several awesome things about digital publishing – especially DigitalFirst – that make being a Publisher right now so very cool.

Digital publishing is not the poor relative of traditional publishing – not any more. It is exciting, innovative and here to stay, in fabulously ever-changing ways.

DigitalFirst for instance allows us to test the waters with a new book or author; tailor a national and international marketing campaign; spread the word and get readers talking and asking for sequels or more books from that author.

Digital First also means if sales do what we expect them to do, the book will become that thing that all authors really want: a paperback on a shelf in a bookshop.

For us, DigitalFirst also means we can: publish more, across all genres; seek out more authors whose stories are original, edgy, spicy, exciting and entertaining; be daring in the choices we make about who and what we publish by taking leaps of faith with more 'emerging' writers.

We can test the waters with the first books in new series – from our existing authors, and from new-to-us authors who want to change direction; and better can mentor and showcase our debut authors.

Digital publishing also means we can also ePublish all forms of great writing, including short stories and novellas.

We can explore genres that are new for us – like erotica and romance – and we can publish more true crime.

We can also play with current trends, embrace emerging ideas, and even invent new ones.

The great benefit to our readers is that you will be able to access all our books sooner, faster and from anywhere in the world you happen to have your computer, eReader, tablet or smartphone.

Tomorrow we announce the first of our new DigitalFirst authors and let you in on the rest of the news.