Clan Destine Press Goes Live

Hello everyone, as you can see we've turned on the new Clandestine Press Website.

Mid August will see the release of our first book - Out of the Black Land, historical fiction by well-known Melbourne Author Kerry Greenwood. That will be followed very soon by Dougal's Diary by David Greagg (on Dougal's behalf). The next book will then be our own reprint of the fantastic adventure thriller Redback by Lindy Cameron

Clan Destine Press is all about genre.

Genre fiction in its myriad and wondrous forms: crime, mystery, speculative fiction, fantasy, science fiction, horror, urban fantasy, historical, thrillers, adventure, paranormal and steampunk; oh, and ‘ah-ha’ – which is any combination of the aforementioned.

We also do cats; and may well squeeze in a dog and a saw-toothed bunny or two.

Clan Destine Press is edgy and out there; heroic and questy; feral and dark; funny and spine-tingly; fast-paced and serious; silly and sensible; earthbound and galactic.

Our books straight and gay, gothic and retro, ancient and contemporary, the past and the future; prehistoric and post-apocalyptic.

Clan Destine Press is fiction for Adults and Young Adults; and the authors are Australian.

Clan Destine Press books have a strong sense of place, whether it’s Melbourne or Moono Land. Our books are plot driven, have fully-fledged characters and snappy dialogue.

Okay, so they can be serious and thoughtful too, but not for too long… because the world nearly always needs saving from something.

We’re not taking submissions just yet. But we will be in 2011.

And when we do, we’re looking for:

spies, private eyes, pirates, assassins, psychos, fast cars, attack helicopters, powerful magic, evil overlords, scurrilous underlings, swords, wands, sais, mythological beasties, spaceships, devils and angels, ghosts, succubi, yes – vampires and werethings, witches, wizards, immortals, pharaohs, archaeologists, ninjas, Amazons, warriors – mighty or otherwise, chainmail, sidekicks, gods and demons, warp drives, strange lands and familiar streets, guns, crooks, cops, slayers, time travel and watchcats.