The Clan Destine Press Guide to Stuff

Some CDP Definitions

Young Adult = fiction for humans aged from 15 years old and up.

Given the bold, inventive and in-no-way-patronising calibre of so much contemporary YA fiction, then it would be cool if your novel also happened to entertain 20, 35, 50 or 70 year-olds.

Whether or not it’s aimed purely at teenagers (15+) WE know that young adults swear, fall in love, experiment with drugs, graffiti, sex, dragon-taming, vampire slaying and all manner of other really bad evils like football, shopping, texting-while-walking, and fast food.

Straight/Gay/Queer = fiction for, by or including humans who are straight, gay, queer, undecided, or yet to be identified.

Fiction that includes all manner of: friendships and relationships – platonic, soulmatey, sexual, inseparable-but-not-sexual, or evil-arch-rivalry; family units – including all possible modern-human or galactic variations on that concept; characters – gay, straight, asexual, lesbian, heterosexual, homosexual, bisexual, trans-gendered, multi-gendered, androgynous, unisexual or venusian.

This definition applies equally to Adult and Young Adult fiction.