Clan Destine Press at Supanova Melbourne

Supanova – the national touring Pop Culture Convention – begins its 2012 adventure in Melbourne next weekend.

Yes, there will be all kinds of ‘famous’ people attending – drawn from the multiverse of creative talent that inspires our most fabulous imaginary worlds – but, much more importantly, there will be 6 Clan Destine Press authors starring on their very own Supanova panel.

Fangs, Felines and Fantasy on Saturday at 11.20 am will feature: A.K. Wrox, David Greagg, Lindy Cameron, Jane Routley and Narrelle M. Harris.

If you’re not already among the gazillion fans and cosplayers planning to attend Supanova because you might get to meet your favourite Australian or international author, graphic novelist, comic book writer, game designer, pop-cult merchandisers, the Weasley twins or Admiral Adama – then come along just to see our inspiring, intriguing and pointy panel on all the Writerly Things We Do.

A.K. Wrox – aka Amanda Wrangles & Kylie Fox – authors of the comic fantasy fairytale for adults, Arrabella Candellarbra & the Questy Thing to End All Questy Things.




David Greagg, fair-dinkum accredited wizard, author of Dougal’s Diary and the forthcoming When We Were Kittens.



Lindy Cameron, author of the kick-arse adventure thriller Redback.





Jane Routley, author of the fantasy series The Dion Chronicles: Mage Heart, Fire Angels & Aramaya.



Narrelle M Harris, author of the forthcoming Walking Shadows, the long-awaited sequel to the Melbourne vampire novel, The Opposite of Life.






Anyone can go to Supanova– that includes you– and you don’t actually have to dress up to unleash your inner geek, or admit your love of the fantastic.


Fangs, Felines & Fantasy is a free panel but a Supanova day ticket costs $30 at the door ($55 for the weekend). Which is great value because after you’ve listened to the Clan Destine Press panel you can go have your photo taken with a member of SG1, the female Terminator, or the boss of the Battlestar Galactica.

If we don’t see you, then we’ll just assume you’re on superhero duty for the weekend and, you know, doing something more important than Supanova – like saving the world.

The 10th annual Melbourne Supanova event will be held at the Melbourne Showgrounds on April 14-15.

Fangs, Felines & Fantasy: Saturday April 14, 11.20 in the Royal Block.