Coming in 2011 from Clan Destine Press

Clan Destine Press - already astounded by the diversity of our own publishing list - is thrilled to continue that trend this year.

On that self-satisfied note, we hereby announce that our first three books for 2011 will be:

Medea by Kerry Greenwood
Arrabella Candellarbra and the Tri-Towers Quest by A. K. Wrox
The Frankston Serial Killer by Vikki Petraitis


If you think you know the story of Medea - Princess of Colchis and securer of the Golden Fleece - think again. History is not always as it seems.

A loyal friend of Herakles, the loving wife of Jason, and a spirited adventurer with the Argonauts, Medea was also a woman both betrayer and betrayed.

Clan Destine Press is honoured to be re-publishing the Delphic Women trilogy by Kerry Greenwood.

Medea will be followed by: Cassandra in November 2011 and Electra in 2012.

Arrabella Candellarbra and the Tri-Towers Quest

Arrabella Candellabra is like no one you've ever met before; even though her quest is the stuff of legend...

Okay – an hilarious epic-fantasy spoofery kind of legend.

But, just you wait until Arrabella and her fellow adventurers - Lord Langly Kilkenny, the wise Wizard Gary, and the very-fey fairy Prince Jim - do battle with the evil Betty Sue and her miniony saw-tooth bunnies (phew) in order to rescue the Reginas.

Why? Because after that, those epic questy things will never be the same again.

A. K. Wrox is the secret password to a world of wonder, exhilarating adventure and very strange flowers. It's also the pen name for writing duo Kylie Fox and Amanda Wrangles.

The Frankston Serial Killer

The first publication for our True Crime imprint, this is a riveting account of a terrifying seven weeks in the Victorian bayside town of Frankston in 1993.

This is the new and updated edition of the bestselling book by Vikki Petraitis, originally published as The Frankston Murders.

The story details the extensive police investigation into the three brutal homicides committed by serial killer Paul Denyer and the effect that the killing spree had on the families involved and the wider community. Few cases have ignited such fear and caused such panic across Victoria.


Stay tuned for more news in the Clan Destine Press eBookery...