Crash landing in love


The wait is over.

The latest in the erotic and action-packed Secret Agents, Secret Lives series

by Narrelle M Harris is finally here.

Wilderness continues the kickarse thriller romance that began with

Double Edged and Expendable


Martine Dubois was a cop who fell from grace when she was betrayed by her crooked partner.

It took spymaster, Philip Marsden – a man with his own painful past – to see her potential for her chance at redemption. 

Now they are a formidable team – in love as well as espionage.

They are secret agents; and they have secret lives.


In Wilderness Agent Martine Dubois' mission to extradite Thomas Reilly, a dangerous criminal, ends in treachery and a crash landing in the Canadian wilderness.

Grizzly bears are the least of Martine’s problems as she and Reilly hunt each other through British Columbia’s Great Bear Forest.

Whatever the outcome, Martine is determined to survive and return to Phillip Marsden: top spy, the Grey Ghost, her boss who is also her lover.


The Secret Agents, Secret Lives series has a brand new look and Wilderness is now available



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Book 2