A criminal twist in your world

Emilie Emilie Emile - it's all about Emilie.


Not only  - in her alternate universe as a playwright - has her play Medea's Daughter been shortlised for INK,
a new initiative of the Melbourne-based Red Stitch Actors Theatre but she has a brand new collection of short stories with us, under the Clan Destine Fictions banner.

Autopsy of a Comedian and other stories is a collection of speculative crime with a darkly humorous flavour.


The characters in the four stories face thwarted ambition, talent gone sour and even the supernatural as they come to terms with their last chances for redemption. 

Like Emilie's previous CDP collection, A Clean Job and other stories,
Autopsy of a Comedian reveals why she keeps getting herself shortlisted, and wins awards all over the place, for her storytelling.