Death by Sugar is such a treat

Helen Goltz joins Clan Destine Press

We here at CDP HQ are excited to declare that we've snaffled ourselves a new crime writer.

Brisbane journalist and crime & thriller writer Helen Goltz is not only the Clan's newest Digital First author but today we announce the immediate launch of her first eBook with us.

The sexy comic crime novel Death by Sugar is spunky modern mystery, with lots of unexpected twists.

Private investigator Jesse Clarke thought sugar was such an innocent substance until it turned up in two of her cases for totally the wrong reasons.

Traces of sugar were found in a bomb that blew up her client's Mercedes. Was the bomb meant to kill or was it just a warning?

And then, could sugar have duped the immune system of a client's mother over thirty ago, resulting in death?

Juggling the two cases - one in the present and one in the past - Jesse finds herself talking to the living and the dead to get results.

Death by Sugar is, naturally, available direct from our website.

And on KINDLE, KOBO, LULU and other ebook providers.