The Delphic Women

Electra is the final book in Kerry Greenwood's extraordinary Delphic Women trilogy, which revels in the lives of some of history's legendary women.

Like Medea and Cassandra, the first two books in the series, Electra is an epic tale of love and lust, bravery and honour, trust and betrayal.

'My sandals were made to glide over the marble floor of the Palace of Mycenae, not to walk the road like a common market trader.

Of course, as a princess, I was unused to walking.  

Only female slaves and whore are seen in public.

Only female slaves and whores walk.'

Electra is forced to flee her home after witnessing the shocking murder of her father, Agamemnon, at the hands of the vengeful Clytemnestra.

But life outside the palace walls is frightening.

The free and easy ways of her foreign companions disturb her, especially the scandalous relationship between the Trojan woman, Cassandra, and her two male companions – an Achaean and a Trojan. But she needs their help to survive. 

Electra is driven by a burning desire for revenge but, along the way, Electra's travels become a different kind of journey.


Kerry Greenwood (r) with CDP publisher Lindy Cameron.

Kerry Greenwood – historian, lawyer and author – never trusted that the old adage 'history is written by the victors' meant the records being kept or the stories being told contained the only truth.

Especially when women were either ignored by centuries of male record-keepers, or recast as saints or whores, damsels in distress or femmes fatale – with no middle ground.

There was little doubt then that her retelling of the legends and 'history' of the ancient world would redress the imbalance. After all, the creator of the irrepressible Phryne Fisher – sleuth-extraordinaire of Melbourne, circa 1928 – couldn't help but look at history with a fresh and feminist eye.



Kerry's Delphic Women trilogy began with Medea, the real story of Jason & the Argonauts told from the point of view of Medea – sorceress, Priestess of Hecate and Jason's wife. It also sets the record straight about who really killed the children of Medea and Jason.

Next came Cassandra. Set in a time of gods and monsters, of great kings both noble and notorious, of women so beautiful mortal men waged war in their name, and in an age when mighty warriors, seers and healers filled the ranks of the Trojan, Amazon and Greek armies, Cassandra is an exhilarating account of the fall of Troy.

The final book in the trilogy is Electra, the story of Agamemnon's daughter who flees her home after her father's murder, and has to rely on Cassandra, who has survived the Trojan War and the destruction of her city.

Kerry Greenwood’s Delphic Women series evokes the dark perils and pleasures of the ancient world with a beautiful and sensual intensity.

Medea and Cassandra are both available now in paperback from the CDP website and all good book shops and as eBooks from CDP, Amazon, Kobo stores and iTunes – in mobi and ePub.

Electra will be available in paperback and eBook from July; or now as a pre-order.

Kerry's ancient Egypt novel Out of the Black Land is also available as a paperback and eBooks; and her spec-fic erotic tale Salmancis is an eBook.