The Enduring Mystery of the Phillip Island Murder


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The Phillip Island Murder

~ ahead of the forthcoming paperback, due in May ~


Back in 1993, now-well-known true crime writer Vikki Petraitis collaborated on her first book.

The Phillip Island Murder, co-written with Paul Daley, looked at
the intruiging 1986 murder of Beth Barnard on Victoria's premier tourist island.

The case was already seven years old when their book came out, but Beth's brutal murder
and the strange disappearance of Vivienne Cameron presented a mystery that readers then,
and in the three decades since, simply cannot let go of.


Because there has never been a satisfactory explanation for the events on Phillip Island
on the night of 23 September 1986.

There's no doubt there's a huge public appetite for real life crime stories – as the thousands of articles, books, TV shows, websites and podcasts on world-famous crimes proves.

But, the interest – amongst true crime afficionados – in this one murder, 32 years ago, on a Victorian island much more 'famous' for its fairy penguins and the Australian Motorcycle Grand Pix, derives mostly from the mystery inherent in the case.

In fact every time the case seems to go quiet, something happens to hurl it back into the spotlight. 

First, seven years after the event, there was Vikki and Paul's original paperback, The Phillip Island Murder.

Then in 2005, an episode of the Australian TV show Sensing Murder looked at the case, whereon the authors received more than 500 emails from TV viewers wanting to know more – or offering their own theories.

And now this strange homicide, and Vikki and Paul's book on the case, is once again the focus of public interest, because 21st-century True Crime Podcasters have discovered the enduring mystery that surrounds the murder of Beth Barnard.

The first podcast, recorded in September 2017, was made by True Crime Sisters.

In January this year, Vikki Petraitis was interviewed for the hugely popular Australian True Crime with Meshel Laurie and Emily Webb, and a whole new audience became fascinated with the case.

Around the same time, Vikki was contacted by a researcher for the Australian-made Casefile wanting to do an episode on the murder for their global audience. The day after it went to air on 7 April, the Beth Barnard episode reach #1 on the podcast charts.

And people in their hundreds flooded the Casefile web-chat site with their own theories.

As a follow-up to the Casefile podcast, Vikki will be interviewed on Tuesday April 7.

You can join the Casefile podcast here and then do search on Facebook for their "Casefile Podcast Discussion Group - official" to request to join the online conversation. 


The Phillip Island Murder  by Vikki Petraitis and Paul Daley examines the murder, the investigation and the subsequent interest in the case.

No one was ever brought to trial for Beth Barnards's brutal death, and the main suspect – her lover's wife, Vivienne Cameron – disappeared the same night, never to be seen again.

Although the homicide investigation produced no physical suspect, the Coroner’s Court found that Vivienne had killed her rival then jumped to her death into the waters of Westernport Bay.

The case was closed but never forgotten.


The eBook of The Phillip Island Murder is available right here.

It will also be available on all the usual outlets: iTunes, Kobo, Amazon etc.

The paperback will be released in May.


And below are the links to the three Australian true crime podcasts that have sparked the latest interest in the case.


Casefile – Case 80: Beth Barnard

Date aired: 7 April 2018

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Date aired: 8 March 2018

True Crime Sisters – The Murder of Beth Barnard

Date aired: 20 November 2017