A fabulous colouring adventure


Venture into the bizarre world of the Colouring Bazaar.

The first adult colouring book from Clan Destine Press is a feast for the eyes

even before you choose your own palette.

The Colouring Bazaar features 48 original illustrations 

by Melbourne artist Ashlea Bechaz.

Colour is usually everything to Ashlea, so it was a strange thing indeed to ask her to create a world in outline. The result, however, is a book full of imagination for you to fill in.

So, why not escape the tedium of your mundane daily grind and let your mind wander a place where life is totally unexpected;
where you can almost smell the coffee and spices; 
where colours are everything - once you choose them; 
where fabrics and rugs and hats and shoes await
your inspiration;
where the very walls tell stories;
and where bears might just serve you lunch.


Click for your copy of the Colouring Bazaar.


Ashlea's 'colours' can be seen on the cover of CDP's cat adventure A.K.A. Fudgepuddle, in our forthcoming Journal of Infinite Possibility, and on her website or Instagram page.



Ashlea's Colouring Bazaar is the first title in our new colouring adventures for adults. 

It will be followed soon by The Astromological Colouring Book, illustrated by Sarah Pain.