Round 5 - two possibilities

1) WOW! We love your novel and offer you a contract. Fabulous news; much woo-hooing; champagne/ coffee – whatever; enough said, really.

We keep your hard copy as a treasured artefact and ask you to email the Word version.

Then there’s lots more work for you, and us, as your fabulous novel goes through its very own editorial process as we turn it into the real book that you always knew it was.

2) Hmm… We don’t like it as much as we thought we would; or it turns out not to be a good fit for Clan Destine Press. We say sorry it was good, but…

Because we’re not a generic manuscript assessment service, we MAY give you limited feedback; and might suggest where-to next for you. This latter may include: (sadly) the drawing board; (constructively) a good mentor or editor; or (encouragingly) a different publisher.

We will shred, burn, cast into a blackhole the hard copy of your manuscript because: a) we can’t afford to post it back to you; and b) so that no-one – human or alien – can steal your wonderful words.