Food, sex and a table for three


Food as an aphrodisiac  - nothing new in that.

But when it helps bring three people together it might just keep them together.

After Will manages to ruin his best friend Sweets' regular casual hook-up, he promises to atone by finding him a new lady friend.

Complication one: the woman Will finds is so amazing that he can't help being attracted to her himself.

Complication two: even the combined charms of two young devil-may-care restaurant entrepreneurs may not be enough to melt the wall of ice that she puts up between her and the world.

Or can great food, great sex, and great friendship save the day? 

Mary Borsellino (this time masquerading as Isobel Dorian) and her co-author Cara Donovan create an erotic world of food and lust, best friends and a new lover.

Table for Three is sexy and romantic - what more could you ask for?


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