Forged in Blood


A bloody birthday post from Jason Nahrung

~ and a free eBook ~

To mark the first-year anniversary of the launch of the Vampires in the Sunburnt Country duology, I've opened the window to a secretive event in the life of Kevin’s nemesis, the Hunter Phillip Reece.  

The story was written in 2011 as I was coming to grips with Reece’s background.

The event detailed in Forged in Blood, set in 1970s Brisbane, is never explained in either Blood and Dust  or The Big Smoke, but is alluded to as Reece looks back at his long history with the villainous Mira: ‘The moment he’d faced Mira in West End and said yes'.

It was a fun and effective way to explore the characters’ first meeting, even though much of the detail never made it into either book because it simply wasn’t needed.

But I like to think it gave those few references emotional depth and, of course, consistency. 

So, here is the simple incident that, decades later, dooms Reece and outback mechanic Kevin Matheson to their fateful crossing of paths.


So, here is the free short story eBook: Forged in Blood.