Fudgepuddle's great adventure

Yes, there's no doubt that here at Clan headquarters that we do have a thing for cats.

And the latest cat to join the Clan is the fabulously fictional Megsy, aka Fudgepuddle.

She’s sassy and opinionated – but maybe not the sharpest feeli on four legs.

When Megsy is checked in to the Lap of Luxury Cat Resort, she soon learns there’s a lot she doesn’t know, like: talent, pedigrees, surfing the Intercat, and where her kisskies went.

But, with the help of her fellow feeli inmates – Raffles, Big Dan, Zsa Zsa, Hamish the Handsome, and The Colonel – Megsy aka Juno gets a new perspective on life; and another new name from cattery owner, Miss Steph.

A.K.A. Fudgepuddle is a perfect book for Cat People - or deuxjambs, as the feelis call us - of all ages; and even Dog People (or quiffo-lovers) will enjoy it.

With a grown-up sensibility - of ridiculous proportions - the novel adventures of Fudgepuddle and her feeli friends is a hilarious tour de fur!

It's not a childrens' book but is suitable for the kid in all of us - whether we're 6 or 106.


While the author, Fin J Ross, is not new to writing and being published, A.K.A. Fudgepuddle is her debut novel. Although Fudgepuddle would tell you it's ALL TRUE and everything that happens therein really did.

Fin certainly knows a thing or two about feelidom, as she divides her time between cats and writing. She is the owner, along with her husband Steve, of a boarding cattery on the beautiful Gippsland Lakes, and - just like a real-life Crazy Cat Lady - is also breeding Bengals and British Blues.