Gippsland: fantasy, history, bold cats & sawtoothed bunnies

The Clan Destine Press road trip to Traralgon last Saturday was a great day out.

The adventure for some of the Clan's fiction troupe took us to Traralgon Library where 100 people welcomed us with open arms.

(On the Left: The Killer Kerrys: Kerry Townsend, Kerry Greenwood & Kerri Campbell)

David GreaggKerry Greenwood, David Greagg, Lindy Cameron and A.K. Wrox (aka Amanda Wrangles & Kylie Fox) got to do one of the things we love doing - talk about the thing we love doing most of all - writing.



We talked about our books: Out of the Black Land and Medea (Kerry); Dougal's Diary (David); Redback (Lindy); and Arrabella Candellarbra & The Questy Thing to End all Questy Things (A.K).




A family affair (l-r): CDP publisher & author Lindy Cameron, her Aunt Janet, her mother Liz, cousin Wendy, & sister Fin. A. K. Wrox - Amanda Wrangles & Kylie Fox - with a couple of their imaginary friends: Lord Langley Kilkenny and Arrabella Candellarbra.

Thanks to the Latrobe City Service Centre & Library for organising such a great event.