Herotica, Mytherotica and the adventures of Kerry Greenwood


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We all know Kerry Greenwood loves a good bit of history.

She has, after all, reclaimed Medea from a history written by men; and created the most modern of sleuths – the still-historical Miss Phryne Fisher.

From the Bronze Age to the Roaring Twenties, Kerry has spun tales of adventure and mystery, war and peace, love and hate, revenge, retribution and romance.  
She’s turned a feminist historian's eye to recreate the Ancient Egyptian world of Nefertiti, the Ancient Greek lives of Medea, Cassandra and Electra.
Gods and mortals have travelled time and space with Kerry – emerging from her inkwell in stories that are enlightening, heroic and sensual. Her bold and imaginative tales often unfold with the revelation that legends are not always what they seem.
And now comes the two-volume Herotica, filled with tales of love and lust between heroic and adventurous men across the ages from Ancient Egypt to a future in space – in which Kerry's historical detail and sense of place and time brings 65 happy-ever-after male-male love stories to life.
To complement the series, Mytherotica features 23 stories of love and lust between heroic men of the human no-so human kind – in which Kerry's take on a host of myths, legends and fairy tales opens up a whole new world of living happily ever after.
Or, as Kerry herself says: Lots of fabulous stories of gorgeous gay men shagging each other senseless in impeccable historical settings.



Because, if there’s another thing Kerry’s delving into the past has revealed, it’s that: History knows LOVE itself does not discriminate; it’s an impartial arrow straight to the heart – or the mind. And when soul mates meet their gender or culture or religion matters not.
Well, it really, really shouldn’t. Or, as Mr Shakespeare, said:
Let me not to the marriage of true minds
Admit impediments. Love is not love
Which alters when it alteration finds,
Or bends with the remover to remove.
Ancient tomb paintings in Egypt clearly show male lovers; the Greek lyric poet Sappho wrote of her love for women in the around 580 BC; the Sacred Band was an elite force of the Theban army in the 4th century BC comprised of 150 pairs of male lovers. These stories are as old as time and as modern as the Sydney Mardi Gras.
Yes, there may be obstacles – especially in a well-told story – but even history shows how often true love wins.
And when it comes to storytelling, Kerry Greenwood does love a Happy Ever After.
Well, she does in a romance. A murder mystery is another story all together and, obviously, one or two ancient Greek kings deserved to be axed in their baths for being utter bastards.
Kerry says, ‘Writing erotica – especially between male lovers – is very satisfying.”
‘It can be it can be any style - tragedy, comedy, stark and unadorned or pure and delicate; and any time and setting.
‘I always want to find the right words to describe encounters which would reach Fahrenheit 451 and set fire to the paper. I'm an arsonist at heart.’
Kerry loves the breadth that the genre offers too – especially historical erotica.
‘My Herotica is set in so many different times from the Trojan War to the Second World War; and places from Wales, the Middle East and Japan to Australia; basically any time and place in history that I know a bit about. And while most of my heroes are ordinary men – troubadours, soldiers, pilgrims, explorers, settlers, outlaws and astronauts - I also include real and legendary men like Shakespeare, Chaucer, Robin Hood, Sherlock Holmes, Leonardo da Vinci. I love putting some meat on the bones of queer history.
‘It's addictive to write. I hope it’s addictive to read, too.’



The eBooks - Herotica vols 1 & 2, and Mytherotica - are available from the CDP website.

Clan Destine Press is planning a 'Best of...' paperback version of Herotica.  Coming soon.

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Kerry Greenwood – the creator of the fabulous Phryne Fisher and Corinna Chapman - is also the author, for Clan Destine Press, of Out of the Black Land; the Delphic Women trilogy: Medea, Cassandra and Electra; and Salmancis.