Introducing: Arrabella Candellarbra

Arrabella Candellarbra

and the greatest Quest of all time...


With all the stuff that’s been going on around Clan headquarters lately, anyone would think we were a publishing company or something.

Although, yesterday, I was beginning to think we’d become a sanctuary for all manner of Strange Beasties…

Good and bad beasties…

Mammal and reptilian beasties…

Fungal and floral beasties…

You think I’m kidding?

Try sharing your lunch with bunnies and frogs and monkeys and centaurs.

Where was I?

Oh yes.

We are very-very excited to bring you a hint of what lies BEYOND…

Or at least inside the stranger-than-strange world that is being quested through by Arrabella Candellarbra and her Loyal Band of also-questing Questers. Although, I suspect this unveiling is more likely to give you an insight into the mind – minds – of CDP’s fabulous author A.K. Wrox

More than just the secret password to a world of wonder, exhilarating adventure, exotic romantic entanglements and very strange flowers… A.K. Wrox also the pen name for writing duo Kylie Fox and Amanda Wrangles.

[Check out our author page for more on her/them.]

In the meantime get ready…

Hold onto your swords, your wands and your Barella Monkeys…

Clan Destine Press is thrilled to reveal the utterly gorgeous cover for Arrabella Candellarbra and the Questy Thing to End All Questy Things

Designed by US artist Ran Valerhon, this beautiful artwork will wrap around of this most unique and hilarious of books.

We’re know you will agree this cover is stunning…  A.K. Wrox can certainly still be heard screaming their joy!

While we’re here, we can also announce that Arrabella Candellarbra and the Questy Thing to End All Questy Things – the actual book –

will be available in all good bookshops and online here at Clan Destine Press in September 2011.

So what’s it all about? Well... Arrabella Candellarbra is like no one you’ve ever met before; even though her questy-thing is the stuff of legend. Okay, an hilarious bodice-ripping, epic-fantasy, spoofery kind of legend. Arrabella, a beautiful, flaxen-haired maiden trained in all things warrior-like by the most famous warriors of all – The Reginas – embarks on a quest to claim her birthright and to wield all the power of the lands.

Nothing could possibly go wrong on a quest like this, could it?

Ha! Just you wait until Arrabella joins forces with: Lord Langley Kilkenny – the perfect specimen of manliness; icicle-bearded Gary – the wisest of all Wizards; and Prince Jim - the very-fey fairy Regent.

What could go wrong?

Well, the Four Adventurers soon find themselves pitted against the Evil Betty-Sue – the meanest of evil beings in all of the lands.


You know, they must battle Evil Betty-Sue and her scary minions – the Saw-Toothed Bunnies, the Viscous Tongued Frogs and the Barella Monkeys – to rescue The Reginas from… Something!

Arrabella Candellarbra and the Questy Thing to End All Questy Things features heroic heroes and a host of characters and creatures never before assembled in one story.

It delivers love and lust, action and inaction, battles, incantations, sexual shenanigans and high-kicking sing-a-longs. 

And it promises that epic questy-things will never be the same again.

And stay tuned for details of the Launch Party to End All Launch Parties for this fantastic new release.


Also launching today is the ticket-boo oncroyarbluh wesbsite of A.K. Wrox: