Introducing: Fire Angels

Clan Destine Press announces the eBook launch of Fire Angels the second book in The Dion Chronicles by Jane Routley.

Fire Angels won the 1998 Aurealis Award for Best Fantasy Novel.

Reunited with the family she left behind as a child, Dion Holyhands finds her cherished homeland of Moria overrun by marauding Witch Hunters and dreaded Fire Angels.

Dion soon realises that she must use her awesome powers to help save her land and its people from the crushing grip of the Great Destroyer.

Finding herself thrust into the morass of court intrigue, political conspiracy, and furious passion, Dion is forced to confront the deadly, seductive world of demons.

Ultimately it is her strength of will, and the pure heart and bravery of the man she loves, that will serve as her only weapons against the arch necromancer who would make her his queen.

Fire Angels – is now available from the Clan Destine Press shop, or i f kindle is your eReader of choice, then Mage Heart, Fire Angels and the forthcoming Aramaya will also soon be available from Amazon.

Stay tuned for in the coming days for news of the CDP release of Aramaya .