Introducing: RC Daniells

We here at Clan Destine Press are immensely thrilled to announce that we have 'acquired' a certain well-known fantasy her new guise as Paranormal Crime Writer.

The Price of Fame

RC Daniells – as she is known here at CDP HQ – is the author of The Price of Fame a crime novel set in modern Melbourne.

Actually The Price of Fame so much MORE than a just contemporary crime novel.

It’s set now and in the 1980s. It has murder, scandal and drugs.

It’s about the rise and rupture of the Tough Romantics – a cult Aussie band.

It’s about a documentary-maker intent on uncovering the truth.

And it has ghosts.

Oh, yes folks. The Price of Fame has woo-woo. And we LOVE woo-woo.

The Price of Fame may herald the initiation of RC Daniells into our Clan, but Rowena – as we more affectionately call her – is already known out there in the wilds of Reader Land.

Rowena Cory DaniellsShe is none other than Rowena Cory Daniells author of one of the fastest-selling and awesome fantasy trilogies of 2010-2011:

The Chronicles of King Rolen’s Kin…

[published by someone else! (Solaris)]

Rowena’s award-winning fantasy trilogy The Last T’En was published in Australia, the US and Germany.

Her short stories have appeared in numerous magazines and anthologies including Dreaming Downunder which won World Best Fantasy.

But Clan Destine Press has her paranormal urban rock’n’roll mystery.

We will be releasing it as one of our first titles of 2012 if we can wait that long.

Welcome to the Clan, Rowena.