Introducing Sandy Curtis & Fatal Flaw

Clan Destine Press is thrilled to announce a brand new author in our ranks.

The wonderful thing about this new author is that, as an author, she's not new to the game.

Sandy is already the bestselling author of five crime romance novels.

Why, you may ask, are we so excited by that?

Well, when Sandy decided to join the Clan she brought everything with her.

So we are not only publishing the paperback of Sandy's sixth and latest thriller Fatal Flaw, we will also be eBooking it and her five previous novels.

Fatal Flaw is already available for pre-order from our website and will be in bookshops from October 10.

A crime, espionage and romance all rolled into an action-packed novel, as a terrorist threatens the city of Brisbane, Fatal Flaw is the fifth in a loosely-connected series.

The eBooks of that thriller-romance series

– Dangerous Deception, Deadly Tide, Black Ice and Dance With The Devil – and the standalone Until Death, will be available as eBooks (mobi, epub, kindle) from mid-October.

Fatal Flaw

A city in danger. Thousands will die.

What would you sacrifice to save them?

Operative Mark Talbert’s father is murdered, the agency he works for has him hunting terrorists, and the only connection is the father of Julie Evans, the woman he loves.

Julie’s father has placed her in the hands of a terrorist determined to unleash horror on an unprepared city. She needs someone she can depend on, but can she trust the man she loves?

People are dying; people who seem to have nothing in common, until Mark discovers his father’s involvement in a decades-old crime. A killer is taking a calculated revenge that threatens Mark, Julie, and Julie’s son.

Meanwhile the terrorists are making their final move.

Now it's your turn to make a move.

Pre-order from Clan Destine Press – or head into your local bookshop in October.