The Journal of Infinite Possibility

The Journal of Infinite Possibility

A fabulous journal full of wonder and colour ans strange notions and inspirational thins.

A journal to write in, to doodle in and get creative with.


& the space in which to explore them.

The potential is endless in
your Journal of Infinite Possibility. 

With pristine lined and blank pages, plus story prompts, how-tos, 
inspiring quotes and silly notions to spark your creativity,

this is the place to capture and explore ideas.

You can write, sketch, scribble, journal, indulge your imagination,
or simply create lists.

Whatever takes your fancy.

Its a 140-page journal full of fabulous illustrations, with wide open spaces and corners to doodle. 

With inspiring quotes from famous people who know stuff...

'Travelling – it leaves you speechless then turns you into a storyteller.' 
                       Ibn Battuta

...and original illustrations by Australian artists, 
The Journal of Infinite Possibility aims to get your creative juices overflowing in every direction.

It’s also the perfect gift.



Available now via this link.