Kerry Greenwood's HEROTICA



Kerry Greenwood loves a good romance.

She really loves a good bit of sexy and happy-ever-after erotica.

And she is also Australia's Queen of historical fiction.

From the ancient Egypt of Out of the Black Land, via the ancient Greece of her Delphic Women trilogy - Medea, Cassandra and Electra - to the 1920's of Phryne Fisher's Melbourne, Kerry combines her impeccable love of research with a narrative flair that blends fact with myth with fiction to create worlds that are both exotic and familiar.

Now she is blending her love of History - and the Now and even the far Future - with an addiction to writing sexy, sensual male/male erotic stories - all with happy endings.

The tales in the forthcoming collections of Herotica range in time from Ancient Egypt and Greece, via the empires of Rome, Xin and Persia to the Crusades and the Middle Ages, both World Wars and through the last two centuries to today, then on into the future.

In place, they venture from long-gone Minoa and Troy and throughout medieval Europe to the Viking lands, England, Scotland, Wales, France, Italy, Australia and on into outer space and even planets beyond our Solar System.

And Kerry's male/male Mytherotica collection will feature myths and fairy tales like you've never read before.

Stand by to be moved, aroused and romanced by one of Australia's most remarkable storytellers.


The splendid covers for the Herotica series - like all of Kerry Greenwood's Clan Destine Press books - have been designed by the wonderful Ran Valheron.