A Legendary read for kids these holidays

Legend of the Three Moons

Five children held captive in an ever-changing forest, trapped by their own memory loss, face the battle of their lives to overcome evil and reclaim their birthright.

Which of their magical gifts will allow the children to conquer the riddles of the imprisoned mermaid, the chained eagle and the frozen dragon?

Adventure and danger abound as Lyla, Celeste, Lem, Chad and Swift face enchanters, murderers, shape thieves, monsters and slave traders to save all that is precious to them.

What more could your kids want for fabulous holiday reading?

How about a bonus of the adventures of Dougal, the gentleman cat?

When you purchase Legend of the Three Moons from the CDP website, you can also purchase Dougal's Diary and/or When We Were Kittens for half price, simply by entering the code: LEGENDS-BONUS

That means Dougal's adventures with his sister Shadow will only cost $9 each.

And, as usual, 20% of all Dougal's earnings are donated to Ingrid's Haven cat shelter in Victoria.