New Authors Galorious


The Publisher of Clan Destine Press is beside herself, to the left and right, with excitement.

She is also beside (in the main picture) the fabulous Jason Nahrung, who is but one of the Clan's newest writers.

Lindy has been indulging in her favourite habit: collecting authors.

And this time she's snaffled seven!

Yes, that's seven new authors, writing in three different genres and for two reading age-groups.


Jason Nahrung, very well known in the darker corners of the spec-fic world, is bringing two action vampire novels to CDP.

Blood and Dust and The Big Smoke are action-packed very-Australian novels that form the Outback Vampire Mechanic duology.

They will be out in paperback and eBook very soon.




Barry Weston - our first Tasmanian author - is also the Clan's first male crime writer.

His Murder by Martyrdom is the first in the Tasmanian Private Investigation Agency trilogy.

Murder by Martyrdom is his debut novel - but we do wonder why it's taken him so long.



Sandi Wallace is is our newest woman crime writer.

Tell Me Why, set in Daylesford and the Victorian spa country is the first in Sandi's Rural Crime Files series.

A member of Sisters in Crime Australia, Sandi won the 2013 Best Investigative prize in the Scarlet Stiletto Awards for short story crime writing.



Mary Borsellino is our newest YA spec-fic author.

Thrive is a startlingly-original novel set in an all-too-possible near future.

Mary already has short fiction with our Encounters imprint, but her new novel - due out later this year - will enhance her reputation of one of Australia's best dark YA authors.

Mary (r) is pictured at Continnuum X with fellow CDP author Narrelle M Harris.



We don't have any mugshots of our other fabulous newbies yet, but we will be publishing sci-fi / specfic by:


Rick Kennett - Presumed Dead features Lieutenant Cy De Gerch, of the Martian Star Corps.

Cy also stars in Thirty Minutes for New Hell - a collection of Rick's short stories set in the same universe.


Pete Aldin - Eventide is just the kind of cross-genre extravaganza that we love here at CDP. It's a sci-fi crime thriller.

Eventide is Pete's debut novel but he's been out in the world writing short fiction for a few years and is a member of the Chelsea Dark Fiction Writers' Circle.


David McDonald - Cold Comfort joins the Clan Destine Fictions imprint for short stories and short collections. We're hoping David has more to add!