NEWSFLASH - Medea by Kerry Greenwood


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So, you love the adventures of the legendary Jason and the Argonauts.

And you think you know the story of Medea, the beautiful and exotic Princess of Colchis who helped the great heroes steal the legendary Golden Fleece.

Perhaps you even believe that Medea, sorceress and Priestess of Hecate, killed her own children to spite her unfaithful husband.

Prepare to be enlightened.


Kerry Greenwood – historian, crime writer, lawyer and writer of historical fiction – was astonished to discover just how much of the legend of Medea had been rewritten to obscure the blood guilt of an entire town; how an ancient and famous male playwright had been paid to rewrite history; and how the terrible truth was buried in a lie that caused Medea’s very name to become a byword for infamy, associated with the worst kind of woman scorned – a vengeful child killer.

Kerry Greenwood’s story of Medea is exhilarating, page-turning, beautiful, and utterly believable.  

It also sets the record straight – about who really killed the children of Medea and Jason.

Medea is a fabulous tale of love, lust, friendship, bravery, cowardice, betrayal, murder, mythical creatures, heroic heroes, brave heroines, gods, goddesses, legendary ships, giant snakes, and giants.

Clan Destine Press is honoured to celebrate Kerry Greenwood’s love affair with the ancient world. 

It began with our publication of her Ancient Egypt novel Out of the Black Land and will continue with the extraordinary Delphic Women trilogy.

Medea will be followed in 2012 by Cassandra and Electra.