Our Quest

Clan Destine Press is seeking crime, mystery, speculative fiction, fantasy, science fiction, horror, urban fantasy, historical, thrillers, adventure, paranormal, steampunk, and ah-ha! – which is any combination of the aforementioned – for Adults and Young Adults.

Manuscripts should be at least 60,000 words.

We want inventive, clever and original works of page-turning genre fiction; riveting cross-genre stories; books that are heroic, questy, feral, dark, funny, spine-tingly, fast-paced, serious, silly and sensible.

We’re after novels that are straight, gay, queer, ancient, contemporary, gothic, retro, post-apocalyptic, earthbound and/or galactic.

We specialise in genre fiction but – for some strange reason – we also like fictional (& factional) cats, dogs, alpacas, cosmic toucans and saw-toothed bunnies.

Apart from this predilection for strange and furry creatures – both real and un – we crave exciting, plot-driven, boundary-pushing fiction with fully-fledged characters and a strong sense of place